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Years of hard work have resulted in this database. It goes back to the days of the 4th and 5th Duke of Gordon when the Setter varieties were still cross-bred. The website is created for Gordon Setter fanciers around the world. The goal is to expand the database with the help of Gordon Setter breeders and owners.
Thank you to everyone who already has contributed and to everyone who is going to contribute to this database.
To have this database online would not have been possible without the tremendous help and expertise of Andrea Strobl. Andrea, thank you so much!


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Special Offer for "The Gordon Setter in the Netherlands"

Beautiful hard cover book with over 400 pages. It contains stories of past and present-day Gordon Setter breeders and more than 200 Dutch Champions, with pedigrees and many with photos.
Photo right shows Lonneke presenting it to Angus Gordon Lennox, a direct descendant of the 4th Duke of Gordon.
Special offer €/$ 34.50 when ordered here*.
Let us know if you want us to send the book in Dutch or in English!
Contact Lonneke Gramser-van Aarssen if it needs to be sent within Europe.
Contact Bea VanKampen for shipping outside Europe.
*Regular price is $/€ 39.50. All prices excl. shipping
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