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The World of Gordons
Trial mating of:
Sunshine Ares Samarkan
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CZ CR SK INT CH CZ JCH Black Scottish Gin Shadow Dog
15 Jul 2015   CLP/GS/6619/17 (PKR.VII-)   Black & Tan   COI=14.45%
Laurelhach Classic Allegro
27 Feb 2012   VDH/DGSZ 12/2977 (KC AP00927101)   Black & Tan   COI=5.07%
SH CH Laurelhach Just Jitterbug JW
03 May 2007   KCSB 3391CT (KC AH01920804)   Black & Tan   COI=16.12%
SH CH Shannas Colonial With Liric JW
Laurelhach Love Story
SH CH AUST CH Triseter Ebonie Zena With Laurelhach
07 Jan 2005   KCSB 4080CT (KC AH0902830)(ANKC 3100147090)   Black & Tan   COI=27.70%
CH AUST CH Brodruggan Black Knight

AUST CH Triseter Ebonie Page

My Oh My Black Lofty
22 Jul 2013   EST-00724/17 (PKR.VII-14304)   Black & Tan   COI=14.32%
Triseter Celtic Link With Laurelhach
16 May 2010   KCSB 0642CY (KC AM900772)(ANKC 3100090540)   Black & Tan   COI=34.62%
GCH AUST GCH Triseter Ebonie Zeus

AUST CH Triseter Celtic Dusk

CIE Goango Black Essense
22 Jul 2010   PKR.VII-12694 (FI 48179/10)   Black & Tan   COI=15.09%
Showpoint Born To Be Wild

Goango Black Belle

CZ SK CH CZ JCH Lollobrigida Lui Áres Samarkan
10 Mar 2020   CLP/GS/6978   Black & Tan   COI=5.76%
HU JCH PL CH Harley Davidson Under Sett
03 Feb 2016   PKR.VII-16080   Black & Tan   COI=4.76%
BY CH Goango Black Booms WW'12-13
27 Jun 2006   FIN38100/06   Black & Tan   COI=4.90%
CH LV RU CH Kingpoint Contradiction

BY CH Ludstar Kriter FIV'05

PL SK HU LT CH Valencia Klan Basów
18 Jun 2008   PKR.VII-11162   Black & Tan   COI=11.30%
PL CH Ludstar Vincenzo
PL CH Barbara of Macleod
CZ JCH CZ CR CH Hornet Pearl MacLeod Áres Samarkan
26 Jun 2016   CLP/GS/6688   Black & Tan   COI=6.90%
SL CZ SK CH Anthony Scotch Do Pole
18 Mar 2013   CLP/GS/6463   Black & Tan   COI=6.72%
IT CH Misty Lake's Never Say Never
CZ GCH Maria Matilde Scotch Dama Krkonose

CMKU CR CZ SK CH CZ SK JCH Ebony Pearl Áres Samarkan
13 Sep 2012   CLP/GS/6434   Black & Tan   COI=1.26%
Laurelhach Legend

CZ SK GCH CZ SK CH Bumble-Bee Áres Samarkan

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